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How to Build a Co-Working space in 2 months or Less! (Hive)

Submitted by Natale Dankotuwage on Wednesday, 4 February 2015

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What makes a start up thrive it’s ability to take a risk and dive right in when opportunity reveals itself. This session will allow members of the Construkt Festival access to ONE FREE DAY of working at BHIVE based in Koramangala. We are willing to run an open house that will allow people to come by, meet our co-founder and learn how we were able to put together a fully functioning co-working space in just two months!


In the midst of ancient trees and the fine architectural suburban homes of Koramangala, B Hive – an entrepreneurial ecosystem – is coming to life. The co-working space opened it’s doors to the public in early November, when Founder Sheshgiri Rao Paplikar decided to tap into a rising business opportunity in Bangalore: an entrepreneurial spark with no place to work.

Bangalore has been identified by Forbes as India’s Silicon Valley. This sudden surge of start-ups is accredited to various economic and political shifts in India. Some point to the recession, where sudden peaks in unemployement led talented employees to decide to run their own companies. Others suggest it’s the result of the rising number of tech savy and impatient millennials, who make up 60 percent of India’s population, looking to make an impact with their career without having to work up the hierarchy of bureaucracy. And finally some suggest that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is behind it all, welcoming foreign investments and making opening ones own business administratively more easy.

What ever the cause, more and more young professionals are turning to entrepreneurship as a means of furthering their careers. However, where does a bunch of entrepreneurs go to find affordable and supportive work-space?

B Hive is stepping forth as a solution. It’s providing some of the most affordable work-spaces in the whole city and aspires to be one of the largest co-working spaces in all of Bangalore. Having only opened the Kormangala center two months ago, B Hive is soon to open another center in Indira Nagar.

When you walk through the space you find young millennials hunched over their laptops. And a simple hello has them quickly opening up about their aspirations to make a mark in the start up world.

And B Hive is working as hard as they can to ensure these entrepreneurs are ensured success. Weekly events are held were experts from across the city drop by to share the essentials for ensuring businesses thrive.

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Speaker bio

Shesh has built a strong career being at the forefront of technology and client services for Capital Markets. During his 5+ years stay in New York , he and his wife have been enthusiatic users of CoWorking spaces and has learnt a lot from the experience. He has previously played pivotal roles as CTO of Trustlr, Technical Product Manager at Bloomberg R&D in NYC , Global Crossing and invaluable experience working in Infosys and Heastrong, a Genpact company in the early days of his career. He has been fascinated with technology & computers from a very young age and holds a Computer Engineering degree from a leading technology institute in India. For several years he has developed a passion for economics, finance, technology and even started a small business during his college days. He loves travelling and has traveled to various destinations in India and United States. He strongly believes coworking spaces are essential to developing a growing and vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in India.



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