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The Beta Funktion - Band

Submitted by The Beta Funktion (@thebetafunktion) on Friday, 19 December 2014

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Technical level: Advanced


The Beta Funktion started off as a 4 piece band in 2013, with the common intent to make music that had its roots strongly set in good ol’ hard rock!


While our songs are all different from one another, varying from the genres of Hard rock to the Blues with some Acoustic and Funk mixed right in, we try really hard to make sure the band’s signature sound is constant and hope that’s something our audience will take away from all of our gigs!

In the summer of 2014, TBF took a spontaneous yet unanimous call to bring on board an extremely talented keyboardist, the intent being, to challenge our creative boundaries within the genre of Hard Rock and achieve a more complete sound!

  • Genres covered -

  • Hard Rock

  • Rock n Roll
  • Blues
  • Funk

  • Shows we’ve played so far -

  • Alliance Francaise of Madras - Fete De La Musique ‘13

  • Star Rock - Unseen Underground Pubfest - Sept ‘13
  • Phoenix Market City - Unseen Underground - Nov ‘13
  • Star Rock - Unseen Underground Pubfest - Nov’ 13
  • Geoffrey’s - Ragnarok ‘13 - New Year’s Eve 2013
  • Alliance Francaise of Madras - Fete De La Musique ‘14
  • Hard Rock Cafe, Chennai - July ‘14
  • The Big Pitcher, Bangalore - FreeWheel Rollin‘2

  • Competitions -

  • Runners up at Searock, Bits Goa.

  • Runners up at Festember‘14 (NIT Trichy)

  • Finalists at Strawberry Fields‘13(Top 6)

  • Finalists at the Chennai Live Band Hunt 2013(Top 6).

Speaker bio

The Beta Funktion - Band :

  • Lead Guitar - Vijay
  • Bass - Sooraj
  • Drums - Manoj
  • Vocals - Rohit
  • Keys - Prateesh


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