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Submitted by jeevan xavier (@jlx) on Friday, 23 January 2015

Technical level: Advanced


To engage with the city through art


Medium of an art work sometimes dictates the flow of thought in the work of an artist. Auto rickshaw decoration is a familiar medium to the people of Bangalore and Auto rickshaws cris-crossing the city connects people and places. Many of my memories of events and incidences have an auto rickshaw character in them. Routines are fatal; most of us stop noticing or reacting to things when they become a routine. Whether it is going to a place of worship or work, we take things for granted, stop questioning and reflecting; curiosity dies in essence. This work is about being alive, curious and spiritual.
This work engages with the people who make these auto rickshaw interiors called “liners” from the densely populated poor neighborhoods of Bangalore. These liners give shape to the desires of an auto rickshaw owner who wishes to decorate his vehicle. Another aspect to note is that this is MAN’s world. This is not a single woman in this industry.


open space to park 5 autorickshaws

Speaker bio

As a professional designer, I study traditional and folk art forms for inspiration and ideas. I make it a point to visit festivals and places of historic/cultural importance, which have been sources of inspiration. Besides my extensive experience in working with artists, designers, and craftsmen in the manufacturing and retail industries, my curiosity, sensibility and passion towards art, people and cultural dynamics.

I am a visual person. I understand the visual language better than written and spoken. However, anything that stimulates or helps me visualize holds my attention like a novel I read or a story that’s told.



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