Construkt Open Mic (Finale)

15 minute talks

How bad Engineering kills Startup Agility?

Submitted by Sunil Bhatia (@sunilbhatia79) on Sunday, 25 January 2015

Technical level: Beginner


The main objective of this talk is for people (technical and non-technical) be aware of Engineering Practices that if leveraged can help Engineering Teams be more agile and respond to changes faster


I intend to talk on practices of:
1. Writing clean code
2. Power of Interfaces
3. Thinking of marrying to a solution much later in the architecture
4. Testing practices
5. etc.

I am yet to give this talk a proper structure

Speaker bio

I have an industry experience of 15 years and am passionate about startups and technical engineering. I currently work for Amazon and in the past have worked for companies like Yahoo, OnMobile, etc.


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